Trinidad to Tanzania: Navigating Global Business with Namayombo Mgonela

Ever dreamed of scaling your business across borders but been held back by the fear of the unknown? Join us as we race to tear down these barriers with Namayombo Gonella, a dynamic entrepreneur who’s successfully integrated her African heritage and Caribbean roots into her unique ventures. You’ll hear her fascinating journey from Trinidad and Tobago to Tanzania and St. Kitts, where she’s navigated the complex worlds of international shipping and global markets. Hear about her experiences, failures and triumphs, and how she’s blended African and Caribbean influences into her thriving ventures – Namara’s Cafe and Imara’s Designs.

But what’s a journey without overcoming fear? Nama not only shares the lessons she has learnt from venturing into global business, but also divulges how she smashed through her own fears with the powerful tool of coaching. We’ll also discuss the often overlooked but vital role of African print in fashion, and how embracing our African ancestry can help cultivate the mogul mindset necessary for global success. So if you’ve been yearning to step out of your comfort zone and conquer your business fears, this conversation is for you!

But our journey doesn’t end there. We’ll also traverse the rich and diverse landscapes of doing business in Africa, tackling important aspects such as logistics, customs, understanding diverse markets and the potential Africa holds for growth. We’ll share the nuances of cross-cultural communication within the Caribbean and African communities and highlight why understanding and embracing cultural differences in financial practices is key. Our guest, Dr. Tamu Petra Brown, will shed light on the potential of Caribbean women in the global business world. So gear up, this episode promises to be a thrilling ride packed with insights, strategies and real-life experiences that will help you embrace your vision, overcome fears, and unlock the immense potential of doing business globally.