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Discount on CAPE Email Classes due to Corona Virus . We are discounting Email Classes for the Unit 1 of CAPE Entrepreneurship, Management of Business, Information Technology from $24 USD a month to $18.50 USD a month. Classes are billed automatically every 30 days. Once payment is received your first class will be in your inbox in 24 hours. Begin Classes by August 2020 to take advantage of the offer. Make your payment below.


Our company offers online and email classrooms with scores of learning resources to assist you in successfully passing and excelling at your CAPE Examinations. 

  1. We cover each course topic by topic; learning objective by learning objective. We use a variety of media to cater for different learning styles. Videos, PowerPoints, note pages, podcasts, blogs, worksheets, case studies, even cartoons – just to ensure every one of our students understands our content. 
  2. State of the Art Technology including recorded lessons are offered in our online learning management system for online classes. Our online classes allow you to go as slowly or quickly as you wish but do not include teacher assistance or past paper assistance but are lower priced.
  3. Our email classes are paced by us, so you never lag behind and we offer lesson feedback and provide you with practice questions and responses.
  4. We boast a 99% pass rate and have State Scholars and Merit Winners in our student Portfolio.
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CSEC English classes via email at $80/$29 USD a month. Registration year round. Make Payment Here

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Online Classes

Online Classes in CAPE Management, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship as low as $10 USD a month. Click here

CAPE Digital Media via online classroom $30 USD a month. CLICK HERE . View the Digital Media syllabus Outline.

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