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Level up Ladies Accelerator

Introducing the Level up Ladies Accelerator, the game-changing 6-month online program that will transform your business into a revenue powerhouse and set the groundwork for global reach. This comprehensive program is designed to help ambitious female entrepreneurs like you to create export-ready services and products, double your income, and achieve unprecedented success.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your business, not sure where to focus your efforts to grow and succeed? The virtual accelerator program designed by renowned female venture expert, Dr. Tamu.You’ll learn the fundamental pillars of business strategy, branding, customer insight, and processes and systems. The program is grounded in Dr. Tamu’s copyrighted High- Growth Entrepreneurship Roadmap Business Model designed specifically for women.

Our accelerator has already seen three cohorts of women who have participated and every one of them has more than doubled their revenue and 10x’d their investment in the program. This is a testament to the effectiveness of our program and the proven results that our participants have achieved.

With Level up Ladies Accelerator, you’ll gain access to expert business coaching, personalized mentorship, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. We’ll help you develop your unique brand identity, create a solid business plan, and expand your customer base beyond your local market. View the 2024 curriculum.

Elevate Your Business to New Heights with the Level Up Ladies Accelerator

Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur looking to unlock the full potential of your business? If you’re tired of feeling stuck and uncertain about how to achieve substantial growth, the Level Up Ladies Accelerator is the game-changing solution you’ve been seeking. This immersive 6-month online program, meticulously designed by renowned female venture expert, Dr. Tamu, is exclusively tailored to empower women like you to create export-ready services and products, double your income, and attain unparalleled success.

**Why Choose the Level Up Ladies Accelerator?**

1. **Proven Transformation**: Our accelerator has already guided three cohorts of women, all of whom have not only doubled their revenue but have also experienced a remarkable 10x return on their investment. These results are a testament to the undeniable effectiveness of our program.

2. **Expert Guidance**: With Dr. Tamu as your mentor, you’ll gain access to her wealth of experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship. You’ll delve deep into the fundamental pillars of business strategy, branding, customer insight, and the establishment of efficient processes and systems.

3. **Tailored for Women**: Our program is firmly rooted in Dr. Tamu’s proprietary High-Growth Entrepreneurship Roadmap Business Model, crafted specifically to empower women in the world of business.

Interview with Level Up Ladies Graduate Namayombo Mgonela

What You Will Achieve

Strategic Mastery: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the strategies required to elevate your business. Learn how to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities while making informed decisions that drive success.

Branding Excellence: Create a unique brand identity that sets your business apart in a crowded market. Our branding experts will guide you in articulating both your personal and business brands effectively.

Revenue Growth Strategies: Master the art of setting ambitious revenue goals, creating innovative income streams, and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor your progress.

Streamlined Operations: Build the essential systems and processes necessary to support your business’s expansion, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

Personalized Coaching: Benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Tamu herself, providing you with tailored guidance to refine your revenue goals and strategies.

Network Amplification: Discover how to leverage your network for exponential growth. Connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs and extend your reach beyond your local market.

Sustained Support: Beyond the core program, you’ll have continuous access to Dr. Tamu via email, enabling you to fine-tune your business strategies as you grow.

**Additional Bonuses:**

– **Coaching by Tamu Business Growth Planner**: Receive hands-on guidance to effectively implement your strategies and achieve your goals.

– **Level Up Revenue Timeline Worksheets**: Stay on track with your revenue objectives using our comprehensive worksheets.

– **Financial Planning and Financial Records Worksheets**: Attain financial mastery to drive your business forward with confidence.

Don’t let your business plateau any longer – seize this opportunity to propel your venture toward global success. By enrolling in the Level Up Ladies Accelerator, you’ll gain access to expert business coaching, personalized mentorship, and a supportive network of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

Level up Lady Graduate Camara Lee-Prentice

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If you’re an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem partner committed to empowering female entrepreneurs, consider licensing our program to equip women with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.
Join us on this transformative journey and level up your business today!

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But that’s not all. Our program is available for licensing and can be adapted for face-to-face delivery, making it a flexible solution for entrepreneurs and organizations alike. If you’re an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem partner who champions female entrepreneurship, this program is the perfect fit for you. Partnering with us will allow you to empower and equip female entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Level up Lady Graduate Delonne Brotherson Founder of Ms Dee’s Natural and Textured Hair Heven

Elite Transformational Trainer Masterclass

Video detailing the Elite Transformational Trainer Masterclass

The Elite Transformational Trainer is a four-month virtual masterclass coaching program for women who are already experts in their fields in other industries (coaches, consultants, beauty practitioners, formulators, educators) who wish to become elite trainers in their zone of genius who are handsomely paid.

Application for the Elite Transformational Trainer Online Masterclass 2024 is now open.

Start Date: August 7th 2024.

Elite Transformational Trainer Graduate Testimonial

Elite Transformational Trainer Graduate

Click to Download the Elite Transformational Trainer Masterclass Curriculum

Jump Start your Business in 90 Days

Dr. Tamu has specifically tailored this program to provide entrepreneurs with the clarity and strategy you need to take your business to the next level. And the best part? Jump Start will increase your visibility and revenue, allowing you to see real results in just 90 days.

The benefits don’t end there. We’re excited to announce that Jump Start is now available for licensing and customization by entrepreneurship ecosystem entities including Business Support Organizations and NGOs. This means that you can bring the power of Jump Start to your entire community, helping more businesses thrive and succeed in the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship. Don’t let your business fall behind. Inquire about the Jump Start Your Business program today and start accelerating your success!

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