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Giving Back!


 Giving Back – My tip for today is: lend your talents to good causes you believe in. I always want to empower students. Here I am just last week sharing my small business consulting skills with 2 of the Hospitality students entering the Caribbean Tourism Award – Student Colloquium Business Plan Competition. Wish them luck – we have a few more weeks till deadline!

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You know by now that I love learning, and one of my passions is determining how more persons can access education which is why I have made my own online courses in Management, Information Technology and Math at an all time low price.

I am always encouraging my own students to move on to universities and colleges and encouraging them to apply for scholarships. There are a number of scholarship sites out there on the World Wide Web but the one I do really love is scholarship-positions.com. Why?

Well it has scholarship availability based on a number of search criteria, such as country you wish to study in, subject you wish to study. What I like most is that the site features scholarships specifically seeking international students and those scholarships that are for citizens of developing nations. This is fantastic as these two groups are often not considered by other scholarship sites. So I endorse the site. Visit it find a scholarship, apply and pack your bags.

If you still want some assistance sorting through the scores of scholarships available try our college matching service.

Most importantly though, keep learning, spread the word about this site and blog and become a free member!