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Now offering CXC English Classes via Email. Register here

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Three ways to learn:

  1. Teacher assisted online with lectures, notes, testing, and so much more for USD $29.99 a month. Register by clicking here. Classes begin August 15th.
  2. By email. See below

CXC classes in Management, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship by Email.  Limited Space Available . Classes begin August 15th. Contact us to register and learn more.

3. By visiting Tamu’s Academy which offers CXC classes that you take at your own pace but without live interaction or testing. Personal Development courses are available here as well for as low as USD$10 monthly.  Register now. 

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Our company offers online classrooms with scores of learning resources to assist you in successfully passing and excelling at your CAPE Examinations. Our Course List:

We cover each course topic by topic; learning objective by learning objective. We use a variety of media to cater for different learning styles. Videos, PowerPoints, note pages, podcasts, blogs, worksheets, case studies, even cartoons - just to ensure every one of our students understands our content. :

  • Digital Media and Entrepreneurship Premium classrooms include State of the Art Technology and Virtual face to face tutorials using Zoom/AdobeConnect. Classes are taped so you can view at your convenience if you cannot attend.

Our classrooms are so structured that you can work at your own pace. We boast a 99% pass rate and have State Scholars and Merit Winners in our student Portfolio.The Learning Management System that we use, Blackboard, is renowned in the Education Industry.