Management of Business

Your Management of Business Curriculum is composed of two Units – Unit 1 and Unit 2.  The two Units successfully completed and the exams successfully sat will  qualify you with an A’ Level. A’ Levels are often requirements for entry into Universities and Community Colleges or result in waivers of courses in a Bachelors Degree Program.

Your classroom covers your chosen subject topic by topic. Taped lectures, podcasts, notes, YouTube videos, blogs, discussion forums and practice questions and tests. Management Students also have first  notification of video lectures on my YouTube channel and access to Business web portal where even more resources can be found. Anything and everything to help you learn and pass your exams. Our courses can serve as a supplement to your Management of Business C.A.P.E. courses at your institution or simply choose us as your school of choice.

A Great Alternative. Email Classes are $USD24/month and Online Classes as low as $10 usd/month – Begin learning today! 

Our Company is a superb alternative to traditional schooling. It is a convenient, economical, flexible option.  Your teachers are certified , qualified and have years of industry experience. We use cutting edge technology and a myriad of media to make learning interesting and reach all types of learners.

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Practice questions

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