Make Your First 3D Animation

animationI am so thrilled to offer the Animation Short Course. Make your first 3D animation course. Buy all five courses as a bundle for USD$37.99 or scroll down to buy videos separately at USD$9.99 each.

Begin Animating – Buy Now

Five videos that take you through the fundamentals of making your first animation

This is perfect for:

  • educators who desire more knowledge before venturing to teach the subject in its entirety
  • teens and preteens who would love to dip into an introductory course before deciding if a full two year program in animation and game design is an appropriate choice
  • any learner young or old with an interest in animation.

The course is delivered via video lessons which allow you to learn at your own pace and pause , rewind and replay as many times as you wish.The major topics to be covered  in The make your First Short Animation Course include:

  1. Fundamentals of Character Design and Colour Theory
  2. Using Inkscape to design characters
  3. Pre-production tasks including storyboarding
  4. Using Blender to animate
  5. Publishing your animations

You can purchase all five videos for a limited time for USD45.99  USD$37.99/ XCD $100.00. 

Buy Individual Videos Now for only USD$9.99

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