Disrupting Education

I have begun to realize that there needs to be some creative destruction as advocated by Schumpeter in education. Disruption and paradigm shifts are not just for the domain of technology. We must begin to seriously consider a radical shift from the status quo.

Educational Technology is not enough
Although there are many technological innovations that can provide the vehicle for facilitating a paradigm shift, but it’s not the disruptive paradigm of which I speak.

I advance that what needs to happen is to create educational opportunities that teach, guide and reinforce the twenty first century skills – collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

I know you are thinking there is nothing new in my statement or disruptive. What I believe is missing is a new paradigm by which these skills can be effectively transmitted and facilitated. I posit that all that we do in the traditional classroom may be wrong.

I believe that learning soldiers behind rows of desks should not be. Students should feel free to move around, talk to their peers when appropriate and learn cooperatively. Perhaps take notes on whatever device they wish, even if it’s in the old fashioned notebook. Perhaps, how we reinforce should change, perhaps we need to rethink everything. Perhaps there is no right way to learn and teach, and perhaps its situational. Perhaps the new paradigm is one where you the educator and the teacher create a partnership that works for them. Perhaps that may be the new paradigm.