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Limited time offer of $20 USD per month per subject, billed every 30 days. BEGIN LEARNING NOW. CLICK HERE

Limited time offer of $20 USD per month per subject, billed every 30 days. BEGIN LEARNING NOW. CLICK HERE

We have been in the business of online offering CXC CAPE Classes education since 2012 and boast a 98% pass rate. We offer CXC CAPE Classes via email. No logins, no hassle. Classes are delivered directly to your inbox weekly. You do not need to be a tech guru to learn online with us. We specialize in business and technology courses and cater to the busy adult learner who is juggling life, schooling, and often a family. We make upskilling yourself economical and convenient, allowing you to study for your CXC CAPE subjects from the comfort of your home on any device (phone, laptop or computer).

We offer:

Our company offers CXC CAPE email classes with scores of learning resources to assist you in successfully passing and excelling at your CAPE Examinations. 

We cover each course topic by topic; learning objective by learning objective. We use a variety of media to cater for different learning styles. Videos, PowerPoints, note pages, podcasts, blogs, worksheets, case studies, even cartoons – just to ensure every one of our students understands our content. 

  • Our CXC CAPE email classes are paced by us, so you never lag behind and we offer lesson feedback and provide you with practice questions and responses.
  • We boast a 98% pass rate and have State Scholars and Merit Winners in our student Portfolio.
  • Our founder Tamu Browne herself a previous Senior Lecturer of the subjects on offer for more than a decade has also authored study guides and workbooks to help complement your study. 
  • Do you have questions. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Each CXC CAPE subject is $30 USD a month. The course duration is 10 months. Click to Register here

Management of Business Unit 1 and Unit 2 CAPE study guides and the IT unit 2 workbook are $24 USD each.

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Our Company is a superb alternative to traditional schooling. It is a convenient, economical, flexible option.  Your teachers are certified , qualified and have years of industry experience. We use cutting edge technology and a myriad of media to make learning interesting and reach all types of learners.

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CAPE Digital Media via online classroom is also available at a one time fee of $59.99 USD. This provides you access to the classroom and all content for ten months. We do not provide any teaching assistance or login reminders of any kind. However, the content is fully available to you to access. SBA guides, curriculum content, recorded lectures etc. We do not respond to queries about content etc. It is a repository of content which you can access. Access expires after ten months.

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CAPE Study Guides

How will I get my text books? We offer CAPE study guides for Management of Business Units 1 and 2. An Information Technology Workbook for Unit 2 .

You can order digital copies from Amazon : Management of Business Unit 1  Management of Business Unit 2  and Information Technology Unit 2

We can also mail hard copies of the Management study guides and Information Technology workbooks to you. We recommend other resource material for you for other subjects.

The cost is USD $24.99 per guide.

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