1000 Black Girl Books

Love this #1000BlackGirlBooks. A sixth grader is in a mission to collect 1000 books that feature black girls as the main character, and her mom is from the Caribbean. I do think that this is quite fabulous and I would challenge other parents to start a similar campaign with their children for topics that they wish to reinforce or celebrate. Perhaps 50 would be a great beginning goal. It is also a great idea for educators to consider as it encourages research, reading, and resourcefulness.

Students can also do a similar task to reinforce concepts being taught in class. Consider that you are doing a topic on video editing in digital media or on motivation in management of business class, if you research even three online media items about the topic you will be ahead of the class and deepen your understanding. The items could be articles, videos, podcasts. I know you want to excel and this is just one way. Learn more about 1000 Black Girl Books . Do follow the blog and share the post.