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College at your fingertips

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of technology and online learning. My children go to school online and I love it. However, what of higher education? Is online credible, worthwhile? Is it for you?

It can be quite confusing to decide which college to choose for online schooling. There are of course some names that stand out like University of Phoenix which in my humble opinion as an educator is quite robust, with sound programs and highly qualified lecturers. What of others?

I mean do you just pick the ones that show up on the first page of your Google search. Investing in education should not be taken lightly and so I have found a fabulous site to help you sort through those search results.

I like this site quite a bit OS short for Online Schools. Here is the link.

There are a few things I appreciate about this site.

  • The fact you can refine your search in a number of ways – like state, degree program, degree level and whether or not the college requires a standardized test like the GMAT or SAT.

  • I also appreciate how when you scroll down – and do scroll down (much of the valuable stuff is at the bottom of the page), that it has a fun guide so you can determine if online school is even a right fit for your personality and lifestyle. Here is the e-book link

  • I also am impressed that they have not excluded certificates and diplomas, online training programs and technology certifications

It is definitely worth a look. I will put a link to the online school finder on the College Bound Page of this site.  You can also take advantage of our College Matching service.Don’t forget to share the post and follow my blog.



You know by now that I love learning, and one of my passions is determining how more persons can access education which is why I have made my own online courses in Management, Information Technology and Math at an all time low price.

I am always encouraging my own students to move on to universities and colleges and encouraging them to apply for scholarships. There are a number of scholarship sites out there on the World Wide Web but the one I do really love is scholarship-positions.com. Why?

Well it has scholarship availability based on a number of search criteria, such as country you wish to study in, subject you wish to study. What I like most is that the site features scholarships specifically seeking international students and those scholarships that are for citizens of developing nations. This is fantastic as these two groups are often not considered by other scholarship sites. So I endorse the site. Visit it find a scholarship, apply and pack your bags.

If you still want some assistance sorting through the scores of scholarships available try our college matching service.

Most importantly though, keep learning, spread the word about this site and blog and become a free member!

Coursera – Free University level courses

My passion is access to education, I am always looking for continuous development and personal growth. It is even better when that growth and learning comes with a $0 price tag!!!! So I introduce you to Coursera.

Coursera partners with some of the highest ranked and world renowned universities like Columbia and Yale to offer some free courses. Yes free. Courses from teacher education to languages to database management.

There is bound to be a course that you are interested in. I am going to sign up for. You can view courses by institution, language, start date. It is really exciting. I will be signing up for Developing Innovative Ideas in New Companies on September 30th.

You can also choose to enroll in their signature track for low fees and obtain a physical, certified degree from the university that is offering the course. This gives your study credibility and is a great resume builder. If you pay you are also more likely to be committed to your course. I would pay for the courses that increase my value and boost my qualifications in my chosen field. Just a thought.

Challenge yourself to learn something new. If you are not learning, you are not growing!


Textbooks – Big Business For Students

Textbook buyback at Cash4Books.net

Now I know students are low on the moolah and all students are seeking ways to make some money! Doing some research I found that selling back your old textbooks can get you some quick cash, deposited right into your PayPal account. Here are a few of the ones I researched that seem quite promising and legitimate!

Cash 4 books  This site offers an easy solution and easy payment. Enter your books’ ISBN numbers, get a quote, print your postage and then get your money. Used books are of course accepted.

I also loved BookFinder.com – this site allows you to compare sites to see which one will give you the most cash for your used books. It also has a search feature that lets you find virtually any book, including those no longer in print and prices it in your currency. Currencies go beyond the normal Pound, Euro and US Dollar to include the Eastern Caribbean Dollar and Argentinian Pesos, just to name a few.

Check out this blog post at www.studentuniverse.com that lists some sites to buy back texts and where you can even rent a textbook! Yes rent a text – the world has evolved. The article lists sites such as Chegg and ecampus.com.

International students can visit AbeBooks for International text book versions and for international shipping. Also www.bookdepository.com  ships internationally , worldwide free by post. I personally know university students who have used bookdepository successfully. Although they may not buy back books, the free shipping they offer is sure worth a look. They also have many genres of books available and their stock is not limited to texts.

Before you rush out always do a quick Google search for customer reviews on these or any book resellers. I hope you make some money or at least get some cheap books to help you in your studies!