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CXC Classes begin on September 1st. Important Details to Register below



Classes begin on September 1st. Register and Pay to sit in our online classrooms Email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser.

Innovative Education and Training Solutions www.tamubrowne.com

School News for August, 2015

Classes Begin on September 1st

We offer:

  • Digital Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology
  • Management of Business

Great news every single student successfully passed their exams. We have a 100% pass rate for the 2015 exam period.

What’s new this year at tamubrowne.com!

  • Live online classes that are recorded if you miss a class and you have access
  • More economical prices – Each subject costs USD$22,99 a month or EC$60 a month
  • More payment options – we accept credit and debit cards and bank drafts
    • Bank drafts should be made out to Tamu Browne and mailed to PO BOX 890, Basseterre, St. Kitts. Include with your payment a slip of paper with your name, email address, subject(s) you are taking and the date.

What to do if you have registered and paid?

Thank you so much for your payment. If you paid by PayPal you would have received a payment notification from PayPal. If you paid by bank draft you would have received a receipt by email. You will receive your usernames and passwords to access your classes on August 31st.

What to do if you have registered but NOT paid?

To gain access to the classes we must receive your payment before the start of classes. You will only receive access once you have paid tuition. If you are paying by bank draft and know that your payments will not be received prior to the start of class simply take a picture of your bank draft and send me an email at innovativeeducation@tamubrowne.com with your name and subject you are registering for and you will receive access. Remember you can always make single payments on our home page via PayPal (registering for PayPal is free).

If you have not registered

Then you are missing a fabulous opportunity to improve your academic credentials and competitive advantage. Take a look at our advertisement created for me by one of my Digital Media Students Zoe. Click to view. Register today


August 30, all day

Check your emails once you have paid or sent proof of payment via bank draft for instructions to create your username and passwords.

August 31, all day

Check your emails for instructions to access your online orientation session on September 1st!

September 1, 8 pm

Online orientation for all students. Can’t make it the recording will be available.

September 2, all day

Begin your classes online

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Are you a mouse?

Are you a mouse?

cheeseA colleague of mine gifted me this amazing book last week. Slim in pages but fat on life lessons! It had me wondering am I a mouse or am I Hem or Haw two other characters in this book?

The idea that routine and habit rule our lives has never been quite so well put. I wondered about my own cheese. What is it that I prize so much, that I am unwilling to change, to explore the maze of life, to sniff for new cheese, different cheese?  What am I clinging to that keeps me stuck in one compartment of the maze of life – even though that compartment is small, stifling, and the cheese there has lost its flavor and edge?

Why are many of us not like the mice in this story, who eat the cheese till it’s gone or no more tasty and scurry on through the maze, eager to see what exists beyond the stifling compartment?

Business persons are often like the little people in this story. Holding on to their dream even though the proverbial writing is on the wall. The fear of change, modification and innovation lead to business failure and death. Yet, many cling to an outdated vision and mission, crafted in a yesterday that no way resembles the today or the tomorrow. They wonder who moved their cheese, instead of moving to find new cheese.

Take a read, learn the lessons. Be a mouse and spend no time wondering, who stole your cheese!

A Caribbean Story – Over the Wall (written by Tamu Petra Browne)

“I hate hanging clothes on the line”, I mumbled under my breath, careful that my mother did not hear me. She had the ears of the wind – everywhere all at once.

“So do I.” I stopped, shocked – clothespin squeezed.  Was that a voice I heard? Perhaps the mango yellow sun was so hot, that I was hearing things. I wandered over to the chipped greying wall near the pink hibiscuses the color of my favorite church dress.

I stood still, barely breathing. I strained my ears to hear until I was sure they would jump off my head. I willed my eardrums to block the thumping sounds of one neighbor’s reggae beats blasting through the air, the other’s television turned up on a million, listening to the excited cricket commentators.

It was in vain. I did not hear the voice again. Back to the line I go, clothespins pinching the edge of my T shirt. As I swayed to the thumping beats from my neighbor’s sound system, I began thinking that the voice came from the mystery neighbor opposite my clothes line. The house was hidden behind huge golden apple and breadfruit trees, swollen pawpaws and happy mango trees filled with fruit. All so thick they almost blocked the sky and surely blocked any view of the house and people inside.

“Hmmmmmm.” I heard – a huge sigh I heard just behind the fortress of trees, somewhere beyond the bird pecked mangoes on the other side. No – I was not hearing things or suffering from sun stroke – it was a voice! A human voice, a voice of another tortured little girl, My Saturday soul mate who sighed out loud and not in her mind like me. We would have lots in common I could tell!

I had made up my mind. I approached the wall of trees, the yellow fruit, the red and purple flowers, the sugar laden fruits and said….”Hello…hellooooo.” “Hi” came back a squeaky but decidedly girlie voice. I had to see who was there. I hoisted myself on top the wall, scraping my knees and arms in the process. The wall was hot from sitting all day in the sun. My palms burned but I had to see. I prayed I would not fall but I was more afraid that my Mommy would see me climbing into someone else’s yard! But I had to see.

Panting, and scraped I finally was perched on top and I looked down into a yard never before seen – well not by me anyway and there I saw a little girl, with her hair plaited in neat corn rows, just like mine. But she was sooooooooooooo little. She was barely three feet tall but 11 years old she whispered when I asked her. We chatted about this and that, then and now, pets and bullies. Everything.

“Nyam Nyam” I heard bolting through the air. “Stop day dreaming, stop being idle! You are just standing there with the pins in your hands! Every Saturday it’s the same story with you.”

There was no tiny girl, there was no Saturday soul mate over the wall. There was just me and two buckets of clothes and my only friend was the stinging yellow sun.

Written by Tamu Petra Browne