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New Year Resolutions Worksheet

It is that time again – time to make New Year’s resolutions. I know you groan. You never stick to them!  A resolution is a goal- and goals must be specific and measurable and have a deadline to be effective. Goals must also be tied to a mission or vision and not be made in a vacuum. That’s why at the very top of this worksheet I ask you to choose your guiding word or words if you wish for the new year. Then all your goals should align with that word. So if your word is wealth or abundance – in what ares would you like to be wealthy or abundant – then create goals around those areas.

Download your New Year’s Resolution Worksheet here

Example – guiding word is GROWTH

Goal 1 – I will grow my bank account by $100,000 within the next 4 months. See how my goal is specific, measurable and has a deadline or timeline?

Now I must set my action – how in the world will I do this. Examples: get another job (too vague) what kind of job and by when. This allows you to FOCUS!

I end my worksheet with an area to express gratitude. Gratitude is important it let’s you see the glass half full instead of empty.

Download your New Year’s Resolution Worksheet here

I hope this helps you stick to those New Year’s Resolutions!

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New Year – New Resolutions

I know that every year we all make resolutions – but what if we could actually keep them! How about this idea how about if we could attract what we want into our lives every day of every year? Fabulous don’t you think? I believe that if you chart your own path – visualize these wants persistently and take inspired action towards these desires they will manifest in your life.

Some call this new age thinking – but books penned as early as early as 1930 spoke of these laws of attraction and the power of visualization. There are a few books that I particularly love on this topic. All can be found on Amazon. Check out my  Attracting Success reading list above!

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