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Homeschoolers Outperform Public School Students

This is really no surprise to me for a number of reasons:

  • Parents who have made the switch to alternative education are obviously quite invested and involved in their children’s education. This involvement and interest of course often results in greater support and positive reinforcement that will of course benefit the student.
  • Homeschooled children tend to to be more flexible and adaptable which are desirable traits in education and learning.
  • There are so many options for alternative schooling arrangements that a parent or guardian is bound to find one that matches their child’s learning style and personality. My two are in two different programs each one according to his own learning style. The public school environment  is much more traditional and rigid, which may be great for some children but a setback for others.
  • Individualized learning takes place with homeschoolers. As an educator I can tell you that  any students who receives more one on one learning time in any environment most often performs better.

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Homeschool Domination
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Are you a mouse?

Are you a mouse?

cheeseA colleague of mine gifted me this amazing book last week. Slim in pages but fat on life lessons! It had me wondering am I a mouse or am I Hem or Haw two other characters in this book?

The idea that routine and habit rule our lives has never been quite so well put. I wondered about my own cheese. What is it that I prize so much, that I am unwilling to change, to explore the maze of life, to sniff for new cheese, different cheese?  What am I clinging to that keeps me stuck in one compartment of the maze of life – even though that compartment is small, stifling, and the cheese there has lost its flavor and edge?

Why are many of us not like the mice in this story, who eat the cheese till it’s gone or no more tasty and scurry on through the maze, eager to see what exists beyond the stifling compartment?

Business persons are often like the little people in this story. Holding on to their dream even though the proverbial writing is on the wall. The fear of change, modification and innovation lead to business failure and death. Yet, many cling to an outdated vision and mission, crafted in a yesterday that no way resembles the today or the tomorrow. They wonder who moved their cheese, instead of moving to find new cheese.

Take a read, learn the lessons. Be a mouse and spend no time wondering, who stole your cheese!