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19 billion dollar revenge – the hidden moral behind the fairytale


Well, it has always been said that revenge is sweet. So 19 billion dollars worth of revenge must be a decadent paradise! When I delved into the story of Facebook’s purchase of What’s App for that awesomely high figure, I was quite interested to learn that co founder Brian Acton had been turned down for a job at Facebook and Twitter. Good thing too – or perhaps he may not have been a millionaire today. Jan Koum What’s Apps initial founder is an immigrant from Ukraine raised  in a single parent household, who had an idea, pursued it with vigor, dedication and passion without hoopla or fanfare.

Facebook’s CEO – Mark Zuckerberg forecasts that What’s App will have a billion users in the near future. Zuckerberg described the messaging service as “incredibly valuable”. Sure is – it’s worth $19 billion to him!

The real story here is not so much the $19 billion, but  it is really how perseverance, innovation and hard work always triumph. It is a tale to never give up, to pursue your ideas and of course couple that with hard work. Surround yourself with those who have the skills you don’t and focus – focus on delivering what customers want- even when they may not know they want it. These takeaways should be etched in the minds of everyone who wants to be successful. Success is the sweetest revenge!

That’s Whats App!

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