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Get Animated – Animation Short Course


Oh my goodness. I know it has been quite some time since I last blogged but I have been busy!!! I serve as the Convenor for the new Animation and Game Design Syllabus being offered by CXC which some schools will debut in September. I have been traveling the region – Jamaica, Barbados, and Antigua specifically orienting teacher on how to teach this new and exciting subject.

The syllabus is demanding so I am offering for the summer a short course to teach you how to make your first animation.

This is perfect for:

  • educators who desire more knowledge before venturing to teach the subject in its entirety
  • teens and preteens who would love to dip into an introductory course before deciding if a full two year program in animation and game design is an appropriate choice
  • any learner young or old with an interest in animation.

The course will be launched online in mid July and delivered via video lessons which allow you to learn at your own pace and pause , rewind and replay as many times as you wish. The major topics to be covered  in The make your First Short Animation Course include:

  1. Fundamentals of Character Design and Colour Theory
  2. Using Inkscape to design characters
  3. Pre-production tasks including storyboarding
  4. Using Blender to animate
  5. Editing and revising your animations
  6. Publishing your animations

You can pre-register for the course and further details including the cost will be emailed to you as we get closer to our launch date in July. You can pre-register below. You will receive a 5% discount for pre-registering prior to the launch. 

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Message’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]

  • Early Bird specials
  • Discounts on future classes
  • Emails with all the details on this and other offerings as one of our VIP customers

You can always opt out of taking the course but you will continue to receive all the perks for being on our VIP client list. Pre-register to lock in your 5% discount by filling the form below:

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New Facebook Group for CXC CAPE Students

FacebookGreat news. I have a brand new Facebook Group for Students of CXC’s CAPE Management of Business, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. On our group page you will find:

  • SBA Tips
  • Videos on topics in the syllabus
  • Quizzes
  • Exam advice
  • Information on purchasing my study guides for MOB 1 or MOB 2 and IT 2 workbook. All books are $60 EC and include the shipping. Payments accepted online via debit or credit cards. Contact me to order. Or order directly from Amazon.
  • I also offer personal SBA assistance via Skype/Zoom at the cost of $150 EC/USD $56. Contact me for appointments and payment details.
  • I answer any subject specific questions and much more.

So do join the group and share with your friends. Here is the link

CXC Classes begin on September 1st. Important Details to Register below



Classes begin on September 1st. Register and Pay to sit in our online classrooms Email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser.

Innovative Education and Training Solutions www.tamubrowne.com

School News for August, 2015

Classes Begin on September 1st

We offer:

  • Digital Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology
  • Management of Business

Great news every single student successfully passed their exams. We have a 100% pass rate for the 2015 exam period.

What’s new this year at tamubrowne.com!

  • Live online classes that are recorded if you miss a class and you have access
  • More economical prices – Each subject costs USD$22,99 a month or EC$60 a month
  • More payment options – we accept credit and debit cards and bank drafts
    • Bank drafts should be made out to Tamu Browne and mailed to PO BOX 890, Basseterre, St. Kitts. Include with your payment a slip of paper with your name, email address, subject(s) you are taking and the date.

What to do if you have registered and paid?

Thank you so much for your payment. If you paid by PayPal you would have received a payment notification from PayPal. If you paid by bank draft you would have received a receipt by email. You will receive your usernames and passwords to access your classes on August 31st.

What to do if you have registered but NOT paid?

To gain access to the classes we must receive your payment before the start of classes. You will only receive access once you have paid tuition. If you are paying by bank draft and know that your payments will not be received prior to the start of class simply take a picture of your bank draft and send me an email at innovativeeducation@tamubrowne.com with your name and subject you are registering for and you will receive access. Remember you can always make single payments on our home page via PayPal (registering for PayPal is free).

If you have not registered

Then you are missing a fabulous opportunity to improve your academic credentials and competitive advantage. Take a look at our advertisement created for me by one of my Digital Media Students Zoe. Click to view. Register today


August 30, all day

Check your emails once you have paid or sent proof of payment via bank draft for instructions to create your username and passwords.

August 31, all day

Check your emails for instructions to access your online orientation session on September 1st!

September 1, 8 pm

Online orientation for all students. Can’t make it the recording will be available.

September 2, all day

Begin your classes online

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CXC Classes Begin on September 1st

live classes

I am so excited to announce that registration is open for CXC classes on September 1st, 2015.

What is even more exciting is that prices begin at only USD $22.99 per month for each subject. And guess what that get’s you. Weekly live classes online. Access to our online classes with recorded lectures,notes, animations and many exciting resources to help you be successful in your exams and self development.

Even more exciting is that it is:
Convenient – no traveling to classes. Access your classes from anywhere with Internet access.Receive recordings of the live lectures you missed via email.

Economical – USD $22.99 a month is a steal of a deal. That is less than a $1 a day.

Easy – So simple receive a link in your email account which you click to access your classes. Interact with your lecturers live.

Success and Quality – I have an unparalleled record of innovation, student success and creativity in the classroom. A certified educator, a doctoral candidate and degrees in Management and Information Systems.

Flexibility – Pay by bank draft or via PayPal to secure your seat in the classroom.Register today. Class spaces are limited to ensure quality.


Live Online Classes for CXC Management of Business begin April 1st

live classesAs an educator I am quite aware that everyone learns differently. many of the persons who wish to do classes with me are a bit apprehensive about a fully online experience, although I must admit that I love the online experience. I must listen to my customers. They want to hear me, see me and ask question as if they were sitting in a classroom. I am listening.

So how will it work ?

  • Well every week you log in to your classroom via a link sent to you by email at the time scheduled (you will be advised by email).
  • Next you listen to the lecture given live by me.
  • You make notes and you can ask questions via the chat room or your microphone.

What if I miss class?

Classes will be recorded and so you will be able to access the recording for a limited time.

Who can register?

  • Any Caribbean person who wishes to write CXC Management of Business at A’Level. You study with me then register as a private candidate in your country.
  • Any student who may currently be pursuing Unit 1 of the subject in school. My online classes can supplement your learning in your classrooms.
  • Any person who simply wants to personally develop himself or herself and simply loves learning and may not wish to sit an exam.

How do I sign up?

Visit our Home Page and put Live Lesson in the area where it asks what subject you are registering for. Fill in your other information and submit! That’s all.

How do I pay?

You will pay by PayPal. An invoice will be emailed to the address you supplied in the registration form. Look out for it in your inbox. Don’t have PayPal. You can input your credit or debit card information easily . YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR RECEIPT VIA EMAIL AND A WELCOME MESSAGE WITH INSTRUCTIONS AFTER PAYING. Payment must be received prior to the start of classes on Wednesday April 1st.  It’s never good to join classes later than they start.

What are the fees?

For a limited time you will pay only USD$22.99 a month. Economical if you ask me. You pay every 30 days.

What about a text book?

I have written a study guide for Unit 1 you can order it on Amazon or you can have me mail one to you. If you want one mailed to you, simply enter your mailing address and a message letting me know you wish to purchase a study guide. The cost is USD$29.99 and includes your shipping. You will receive a bill for your first month of classes PLUS the study guide.

I am dedicated to teaching creatively, economically and effectively. This is an offer not to be missed to study for your CXC Management of Business exams in the comfort of your own home at a price that cannot be beat. NO STUDENT – Zero has ever used my online methods and failed. You + Me =SUCCESS. Register Today.

Top Ten Back to School List for High School and College Students

Whether you are a high school student or a college student or perhaps a sixth form students preparing for A’Levels or CXC there are ten must haves for your new school year. As a teacher I have observed that the 21st Century student’s Back to School List looks a tad bit different to the lists of old.  Here goes:

  1. A school appropriate email address. Emails are becoming the preferred medium of exchange and communication between teachers or lecturers and their students.  This means that you need to create an email address that is appropriate. That means one with your first and last name preferably. No nicknames, or R rated names.  I suggest Gmail as your email service, primarily because it rarely rejects mail, has tons of storage space. However, your teacher is more concerned with your naming convention than your provider, So an email name makeover is in order.

2. cloudCloud based storage. Cloud based storage allows you to access your files anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Google Drive , Dropbox and MSN’s Sky Drive are examples of cloud based storage, but there are many more.   This cloud storage solution allows you flexibility. Imagine yourself working on a project  on your own device or n the computer lab, then shucks it’s time for a next class or a chat break. Well you can simply stash your project in the cloud until next time you need it.  If the non physical aspect of the cloud scares you , use a thumb drive for back up. However, trust me there will be a day in the classroom when your teacher asks for the assignment. Your flash drive may be at home but the cloud is always there.

3. Earbuds or headphones. These are essential.  You will most likely notice that your teachers are using many more multimedia resources. This means there is sound as even online texts have embedded multimedia elements. Whether you are checking out these resources or other multimedia resources on your own device or the school’s, it’s polite to do so without disturbing others.  It may even be wise to get a pair of both. Earbuds for in the school lab where your huge headphones won’t be as distracting. Here is NBC’s list of best headphones for students.  I say get whatever is economical for you though.

4.  A smart device.  Technology is an ever present buddy in today’s classroom. Your teachers will use it  any number of ways – to assess, to share resources, to teach. You will use it to research, to communicate, to learn and to help you relieve some stress. So you need your own portable device. It can be  smartphone, tablet, netbook or laptop. Generally the smaller the better. but BYOD. Bring Your Own Device.

5. Prezi . I have forbidden my students from using PowerPoint for about three years. I give them the choice to present their work to me using programs that are much more suited to the multimedia, multi modal world of today. My preference is Prezi. This presentation tool allows you to incorporate audio, video, voice overs, pictures, links in any order you wish. The presentation is housed online and so you can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection and so can your teacher.  So for your next presentation, stand out from the crowd by using Prezi or any other new age presentation software.

6. A Physical Calculator. Yes you read correctly. I know what you’re saying,  “I thought this was a new age list”. True, but there are some traditional things you still need. Now although many of my students will use the calculator apps or functions on their phones or tablets, devices are banned in exam rooms. So, how will you do your calculations during exams or tests when smart devices are banned? So, yes you need an actual physical calculator sometimes! Calculators on Amazon

7. Textbooks and Revision Guides.   I know that you are moaning and groaning. However with almost a decade of tertiary level education under my belt, I can tell you that the students who get the better grades generally buy their texts and revision guides. Check out my bookstore for management and business study guides or my Amazon author’s page. Check out my Summer Stock Up Specials – revision guides for $9.99. You can also scan school bulletin boards to see who may be selling used texts. Use social media to your advantage and spread the word about the texts you need. Do a book swap. Swap some of your old texts with someone who has the texts you want this academic year.

8. Portable speaker. No doubt you will be expected to make  at least one presentation in the upcoming academic year. Often as teachers we struggle to hear the sound if there are audio or video components. Easy fix. A small portable speaker will do the trick. Booming sound in a tiny, pocket sized package.  There are of course Bluetooth speakers but those  with a  3.5-mm audio jack that plug into your earphone port are just as good and actually more convenient. Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon.

9. USB Flash Drive. Remember when I told you that you need cloud based storage? I did mention that you should also get a flash drive. So here it is making an appearance on the list at number nine. Why? Well you won’t always have access to the Internet to access or store to your cloud based solution. Flash Drives come in a variety of storage capacities, my advice is to get one with at least 4 GB. Remember you will be storing many more multimedia components like video, that gobble up space on your flash drive.  I would suggest getting more than one.

10.3d-smiley-faces A winning attitude and inquisitive mind. I have left this as the final component but it really is the most important. No amount of gadgetry can substitute for a sharp mind and a “can do” attitude. Teachers are more likely to assist those that show a willingness to learn, diligence and perseverance than the slacker. Even more importantly it is the student with the winning attitude that succeeds in the classroom and in life.  So bring the desire to learn and the commitment to do your best in your backpack every day!

Do subscribe and share.

Online CXC classes are only US$15

My goal is to educate. Here is a deal for you! I am offering a pay your own price for my online virtual classroom package for my packages. You must pay a minimum of US$ 15 per month.

Remember we offer A’level management, information technology and O’level math for CXC! You can visit The Classroom to see what we offer.

Here is the Enrollment Form


1. Follow/sign up to my site.

2. Send me an email with your name, country course and price you wish to pay to innovativeeducation@tamubrowne.com

3. Pay! You can pay via Western Union or PayPal or bank deposit ( the options for payment depend on your location)

4. Log into your classroom!

5. Spread the word.