CXC Classes Begin on September 1st

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I am so excited to announce that registration is open for CXC classes on September 1st, 2015.

What is even more exciting is that prices begin at only USD $22.99 per month for each subject. And guess what that get’s you. Weekly live classes online. Access to our online classes with recorded lectures,notes, animations and many exciting resources to help you be successful in your exams and self development.

Even more exciting is that it is:
Convenient – no traveling to classes. Access your classes from anywhere with Internet access.Receive recordings of the live lectures you missed via email.

Economical – USD $22.99 a month is a steal of a deal. That is less than a $1 a day.

Easy – So simple receive a link in your email account which you click to access your classes. Interact with your lecturers live.

Success and Quality – I have an unparalleled record of innovation, student success and creativity in the classroom. A certified educator, a doctoral candidate and degrees in Management and Information Systems.

Flexibility – Pay by bank draft or via PayPal to secure your seat in the classroom.Register today. Class spaces are limited to ensure quality.


Entrepreneurship Academy

I thought that I would try a little something different today and post a voice log! I hope you like it. I briefly discuss my idea for an entrepreneurship academy. I am eager to hear your feedback.Visit my sister site at for entrepreneurship coaching, business plan writing and entrepreneurship courses.

Disrupting Education

I have begun to realize that there needs to be some creative destruction as advocated by Schumpeter in education. Disruption and paradigm shifts are not just for the domain of technology. We must begin to seriously consider a radical shift from the status quo.

Educational Technology is not enough
Although there are many technological innovations that can provide the vehicle for facilitating a paradigm shift, but it’s not the disruptive paradigm of which I speak.

I advance that what needs to happen is to create educational opportunities that teach, guide and reinforce the twenty first century skills – collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

I know you are thinking there is nothing new in my statement or disruptive. What I believe is missing is a new paradigm by which these skills can be effectively transmitted and facilitated. I posit that all that we do in the traditional classroom may be wrong.

I believe that learning soldiers behind rows of desks should not be. Students should feel free to move around, talk to their peers when appropriate and learn cooperatively. Perhaps take notes on whatever device they wish, even if it’s in the old fashioned notebook. Perhaps, how we reinforce should change, perhaps we need to rethink everything. Perhaps there is no right way to learn and teach, and perhaps its situational. Perhaps the new paradigm is one where you the educator and the teacher create a partnership that works for them. Perhaps that may be the new paradigm.

Live Online Classes for CXC Management of Business begin April 1st

live classesAs an educator I am quite aware that everyone learns differently. many of the persons who wish to do classes with me are a bit apprehensive about a fully online experience, although I must admit that I love the online experience. I must listen to my customers. They want to hear me, see me and ask question as if they were sitting in a classroom. I am listening.

So how will it work ?

  • Well every week you log in to your classroom via a link sent to you by email at the time scheduled (you will be advised by email).
  • Next you listen to the lecture given live by me.
  • You make notes and you can ask questions via the chat room or your microphone.

What if I miss class?

Classes will be recorded and so you will be able to access the recording for a limited time.

Who can register?

  • Any Caribbean person who wishes to write CXC Management of Business at A’Level. You study with me then register as a private candidate in your country.
  • Any student who may currently be pursuing Unit 1 of the subject in school. My online classes can supplement your learning in your classrooms.
  • Any person who simply wants to personally develop himself or herself and simply loves learning and may not wish to sit an exam.

How do I sign up?

Visit our Home Page and put Live Lesson in the area where it asks what subject you are registering for. Fill in your other information and submit! That’s all.

How do I pay?

You will pay by PayPal. An invoice will be emailed to the address you supplied in the registration form. Look out for it in your inbox. Don’t have PayPal. You can input your credit or debit card information easily . YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR RECEIPT VIA EMAIL AND A WELCOME MESSAGE WITH INSTRUCTIONS AFTER PAYING. Payment must be received prior to the start of classes on Wednesday April 1st.  It’s never good to join classes later than they start.

What are the fees?

For a limited time you will pay only USD$22.99 a month. Economical if you ask me. You pay every 30 days.

What about a text book?

I have written a study guide for Unit 1 you can order it on Amazon or you can have me mail one to you. If you want one mailed to you, simply enter your mailing address and a message letting me know you wish to purchase a study guide. The cost is USD$29.99 and includes your shipping. You will receive a bill for your first month of classes PLUS the study guide.

I am dedicated to teaching creatively, economically and effectively. This is an offer not to be missed to study for your CXC Management of Business exams in the comfort of your own home at a price that cannot be beat. NO STUDENT – Zero has ever used my online methods and failed. You + Me =SUCCESS. Register Today.

Changing how we teach – learn differently

I must say that now I have chosen alternative education for my children, it has radically changed the way I view teaching and learning.  Throughout my career as an educator, I have always taken great pains to be innovative, engaging and integrate educational technology. What I must admit to though, is that I am now perplexed by what it seems to me to be an increasing resistance to learning by students over the years. I wonder often, if it  is that education holds little value to them compared to social media and gadgetry? Or could it be that the problem is with us – that as educators we perpetuate the status quo in a  world where change is constant. It may be a bit of both. My mind shift includes the following tenets now:

Education should teach one how to learn: I believe that we are raising a generation of cookie cutter children. Where education is seen as a way to stuff a finite quantity of knowledge into students’ brains. Education must of course include knowledge but it must show students how to learn. Research, synthesis, creativity, should be encouraged as learning is a life long skill.

Diversity in thought should be celebrated and taught: I advance that little is to be gained from sameness – the world is diverse and needs diversity of thought. Too often educators see diversity of thought as troublesome, and a pain. Why ? Probably, because there is no room for such in a standardized system.  A shame.

 Alternative forms of education should be used if it fits the needs of the learner ! I came across a few pieces of media this week that sparked my interest and put joy in my soul! “Taking a Different Approach to Education” chronicles SOLE (self organized learning environment) where students enroll in higher learning for as long as they want and where all learning is self- directed. Love the idea. Click the link to take a read. Even the fee structure is unique as students can defer payment  until after graduation. The next thought provoking piece is a TED presentation delivered by a 14 year old physicist, Jacob Barnett- a genius. Who said that real genius occurs when learning stops and thinking begins! Profound! Meanwhile doctors had told his parents he would never read, talk or tie his shoes. Hmm. His parents pulled him out of school in 8th grade.

Now if traditional education works for you either as an educator or a parent. By all means continue. However, if you sense that your child needs something different – or any aged learner – then do. The brain was not meant to be sit idly by. Do share and Follow.

New Year Resolutions Worksheet

It is that time again – time to make New Year’s resolutions. I know you groan. You never stick to them!  A resolution is a goal- and goals must be specific and measurable and have a deadline to be effective. Goals must also be tied to a mission or vision and not be made in a vacuum. That’s why at the very top of this worksheet I ask you to choose your guiding word or words if you wish for the new year. Then all your goals should align with that word. So if your word is wealth or abundance – in what ares would you like to be wealthy or abundant – then create goals around those areas.

Download your New Year’s Resolution Worksheet here

Example – guiding word is GROWTH

Goal 1 – I will grow my bank account by $100,000 within the next 4 months. See how my goal is specific, measurable and has a deadline or timeline?

Now I must set my action – how in the world will I do this. Examples: get another job (too vague) what kind of job and by when. This allows you to FOCUS!

I end my worksheet with an area to express gratitude. Gratitude is important it let’s you see the glass half full instead of empty.

Download your New Year’s Resolution Worksheet here

I hope this helps you stick to those New Year’s Resolutions!

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What online learning taught me about being an online teacher

My Online IT Classroom

My Online IT Classroom

I have to say. I thought I knew it all- well not all, but most things when teaching in an online environment. That was until I became an online student in earnest. Now I have taken online courses before, a few certificates and MOOCs, but none with the high stakes of my newest course of study.

I am pursuing my Doctorate partially online in Technology Entrepreneurship – and it is no easy task. Let me strip away the level of difficulty of a doctoral degree and look at five lessons being an online student has taught me about being an online teacher.

  1. Learners must be motivated and disciplined – yes, it is true. Although the literature and best practices speak often of student engagement. The truth is that much of the motivation must come from the learner. Why? Well it is easy to simply NOT log on, fall behind, become discouraged and give up. The learner is the one who has to motivated to achieve the goal, be disciplined to complete assignments. My take-away as an online teacher – not every learner is a good candidate for an online student – no matter how great the teacher.

2. Multimedia is king/queen of the online classroom. It is just you and your computer. No peers, no friends – and really no sound UNLESS you use appropriate  multimedia to engage learners. Now as a trained educator I already know that there are different types of learners – auditory, visual and so on. However, this becomes increasingly important when using an online modality – because staring at a screen full of text is boring, and leads to higher attrition. Learners stop coming to class online because, they are BORED. My take-away is – use the wonderful world of the Web to liven up your classes by choosing multimedia elements that support the pedagogy, and improve learning and retention.

3. Clear instructions – in an online setting immediate feedback often does not exist. This means that learners do not often have the opportunity to clarify instructions. They feel bewildered and that means they will stuff your inbox or online forum with questions, or even worse simply not complete an assignment. What to do as an online educator? Ensure your instructions are as clear as spring water. Provide instructions in numbered or bullet point steps so students know exactly what they have to accomplish. If the assignment is a little more complex, then add a voice note, diagram, screencast or video to aid in understanding. My take-away – what is obvious to you is not always obvious to the learner. Make instructions unambiguous.

4.Engagement – now I know my first point was about learner motivation but teachers need to be motivated too. The online classroom can feel lonely. So interaction with students and feedback on performance is important. Teaching is a dance between two people. So send out weekly emails, ensure students get feedback. Post interesting and new enrichment material. Seem present. My take-away – if your classroom is busy and engaged, learners are more likely to visit the online classroom, to see what is new, what materials have been posted to aid them. They are more likely to stay engaged.

5. Face to Face – I know you are thinking it is online learning, why face to face? Well online learning does not mean that you cannot engage your students face to face – but online! I often have web conferencing using Zoom with my students. In my experience as an online learner there was a conference call with the Doctoral Study Mentor. Pros – I felt connected, I was able to learn from the questions of others and I was able to get questions of my own answered. My take-away – use technology. Let students see/or hear you and know your human!

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