Gifted or Not? The Gifted Kid Checklist.


You have established that your child is different – not the average child by any means. You may be wondering if your child is actually gifted or not. There are many checklists available online where you can compare the traits in the list with the traits of your child. However, many paint all gifted children the same – studious,  they can recall facts or great detail and began reading early these are often some of the characteristics listed.

However, this is not always the profile of the gifted child. As an educator I know that this is not always the true picture of the gifted child.The gifted and creative can be restless, have a short attention span and may be disruptive. Why? They are bored!

It is also important to know that a child may be gifted  in certain areas or subjects but perform on an average level in others. Ironically, the gifted child may also not test exceptionally well in any area because of anxiety. This does not mean they are not gifted and unless a teacher is particularly perceptive, this child may not be recognized as being above average intelligence or aptitude.

Often it is the parent who is the best judge of their own child’s ability and parents must maintain the dialogue with educators and school officials to ensure that their children are given an opportunity to develop their intellectual or creative skills. It may be difficult though to convince teachers if your child does not fit the stereotypical profile of a gifted child. There are some interesting books out there to help guide you through as a parent such as Parenting Gifted Kids . In these cases you must seek out alternative options for your child. In my next blog I will discuss some alternatives in schooling for your gifted child.