A 3D reading experience – touch, smell, listen to and read your next book!

I have always thought how fabulous it would be to have a book that immerses the reader into the world that they are reading about.

I know everyone says well what about imagination? I think it lends to the imagination, it aids the process, especially if the subject matter is new and novel to the reader. Like the desert, the world of nano technology ….well anything really.

I imagine a book that has smells that transport you  right into the story line, especially for children. You read about the adventure on the high seas and as you turn the page eager to read more , the whiff of salty waters wafts up from the pages. I imagine the lively sounds of the pelicans, and other sea birds diving for fish, the creak of the boat as it is caressed by the waves. The gritty feel of the sand like pages between the fingers of the reader. Exciting huh!

Those are the three dimensions, bound up in one book, and the fourth dimension…your imagination! Imagine if I created this Caribbean story using a 3D concept – Good stuff i think! (Oh here is the text version)

MIT has been experimenting with just something of that sort called the experimental sensory book that digitally augments the story. Read about that here.

I have some decidedly 1D resources at my author’s page. Check them out. Sorry didn’t think about the 3D concept then.  🙂 Thanks for reading and do share!