Idea to Business in 3 weeks Podcast Series:

I am so excited to present my new podcast series – Idea to Business in 3 weeks!

Are you a new entrepreneur, or do you have an idea for a new venture or business. This podcast series is for you. This podcast series gives you 15 podcasts and more than ten worksheets and resources that help you to systematically launch your business or clarify the business that you are already in. Work as quickly or as slowly as you want through the series.

Here is Day 1 FREE for you:

  1. Day 1 – Clarifying your idea and defining your product or service offering.
  2. Day 2 – Your competitive environment.
  3. Day 3 – Who is buying? segmenting your market and profiling your customer.
  4. Day 4 – customer discovery – market research.
  5. Day 5 – can I come in? – Reaching your customer through promotions and marketing tools.
  6. Day 6 – Goal setting – ensuring your goals are SMART.
  7. Day 7 – Internal processes – ensuring that the operational details go smoothly in your business.
  8. Day 8 – A practical step – getting your business license/permits and determining your business’ formation.
  9. Day 9 – Let’s talk money! – funding your business venture.
  10. Day 10- Keeping track of your money. – Bookkeeping and record keeping the old fashioned way and use technology.
  11. Day 11 – Get your mind right! – the psychology of doing business and removing FEAR!
  12. Day 12 – No Rules – Unleashing your creativity.
  13. Day 13 – Overcoming failure – what to do when you don’t achieve the goals you set.
  14. Day 14 – You are your business – viewing yourself as a brand.
  15. Day 15 – Passion – staying driven.

All of this valuable information for just $14.99 – that’s about $1 a day. Click to purchase.

Skinner’s Teaching Machine

I knew of Skinner and his work on conditioning, but I must admit I had not heard of his concept and experiments with the teaching machine. I was delighted when I saw this Teaching Machine. I believe that the outcomes he described because of the Teaching Machine are truly the objectives that educators hope to achieve by introducing e-learning technologies. Unfortunately, the technology had not yet been invented to truly create the ubiquitous learning environment of today. I also believe that this early look at differentiated learning was significant and that the teaching machine provided a solution for the need for this type of instruction. It also introduced the teacher as an “author” or a producer of content not just a transmitter of information.

The teaching machine would reduce student anxiety, allow differentiated learning and increase the effectiveness of learning. Skinner was ahead of his time take a look!





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Principles of Business Management Study Guide 1

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This comprehensive study guide is ideal for any student studying introductory Business and Management courses.
The guide is divided into three main modules; Business and its Environment, Management of People and Business Finance and Accounting.
Key topics such as motivation, the evolution of management theories, organization structures, types of businesses, stock valuation and investment appraisals are included. Please view the Table of Contents for a list of topics.

Principles of Business Management Study Guide Unit 2

Authored by Tamu Petra Browne

This study guide is quite comprehensive and a great companion to Principle of Business Management Study Guide 1. This text covers the modules of Production and Operations Management, Marketing and Small Business Management.

Multiple choice and extended response questions are included in each module. There are also scores of Internet resources listed for students to undertake further reading.
Tamu Petra Browne is a tertiary level educator and Founder of Innovative Education and Training Solutions. an online tutoring company. Tamu has authored a number of other guides including Principles of Business Management Study Guide 1 and The information Technology Workbook.