Oh how technology has changed

I came across this particularly hilarious video on YouTube that captures children’s reactions to old command prompt computers. It was hilarious. They were at a loss as to how to even operate the dinosaur.  What this does tell us is that we must change the way we learn and we teach to learn or we run the risk of obsolescence ourselves – as educators and parents.

Let us face it technology is  everything – the way we interact socially, the role of the educator, the competitive landscape of businesses. Those of us who are stuck in the command prompt era will cease to become relevant. We will become the dinosaurs.

View the video here

Teacher – Appreciation Week – A Different Take

I know the usual spiel we all hear when Teacher Appreciation Week or Day or Month rolls around. The truth is it’s all true. Teachers are largely underpaid, under-appreciated and under rated. The amount of time that is invested into research and preparation is exponentially larger than the actual number of minutes in the classroom. True thing!

Does anyone really care though? Not really, I would hazard to say. Why? Well because what people truly care about are outcomes. Educators are professionals and like any other professional, they should spend hours honing their craft, their skills, learning and doing more to deliver outstanding results. That’s what a true professional does.  Perhaps educators would not feel so undervalued if the remuneration was comparable to the investment  that truly outstanding educators make to ensure student success – which by the way is different for every student and may not mean an A grade necessarily. Just saying.

Okay, now I am off my soap box, I would like to say for the record that I have had some truly wonderful teachers, some of whom are my own family members. I would like to say that I thank them, not just for being the foundation and facilitators of my own learning journey but also as models for my my own profession.  Their goals were to challenge me to challenge myself, to expand the schema of knowledge that I already possessed and to create new learning, give new knowledge, allow me to synthesize and critically assess. These objectives were SMART ones and all educators should include should adopt them. The goal is the same then and now – the means may be different. Today, we are so lucky to have technology as our ally – though some say it can be a foe. I of course love technology so to me I say more friend than foe. Today we are lucky that education can allow us to be entrepreneurs and teach scores of children wherever there is Internet access. To be instructional designers for online classes, produce digital learning resources – oh the opportunities to teach, to learn, to innovate abound. As a teacher I appreciate technology, I appreciate my students who are my clients, their parents and I appreciate the evolution of learning and teaching.

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