What’s there for the differently abled?

You know there is always plenty of discussion about those who are differently abled. The term though implies that a child is not average but that they are below average. I ask what about those who are above average intelligence, have a flair for the creative and the ones who are innovative? What is there for them?

I ask because as an educator I see that those who think differently who refuse to be confined to the box of the school house, the curriculum core, the teacher’s own perceptions and beliefs are left perhaps not behind but aside.

What type of society will we be if we do not nurture the differently abled at all ends of the spectrum. I think it is important that children who are intellectually and creatively brilliant be given a platform. That their parents and educators be given the tools to engage them and move their talents to the community or world stage. I want to empower this group of young people.

You will begin to see changes in my site and blog as I develop my mission and grow my platform. The learning lounge will be a place where intellect, innovation and creativity lie!

Until next time.