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New Year – New Resolutions

I know that every year we all make resolutions – but what if we could actually keep them! How about this idea how about if we could attract what we want into our lives every day of every year? Fabulous don’t you think? I believe that if you chart your own path – visualize these wants persistently and take inspired action towards these desires they will manifest in your life.

Some call this new age thinking – but books penned as early as early as 1930 spoke of these laws of attraction and the power of visualization. There are a few books that I particularly love on this topic. All can be found on Amazon. Check out my  Attracting Success reading list above!

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Coursera – Free University level courses

My passion is access to education, I am always looking for continuous development and personal growth. It is even better when that growth and learning comes with a $0 price tag!!!! So I introduce you to Coursera.

Coursera partners with some of the highest ranked and world renowned universities like Columbia and Yale to offer some free courses. Yes free. Courses from teacher education to languages to database management.

There is bound to be a course that you are interested in. I am going to sign up for. You can view courses by institution, language, start date. It is really exciting. I will be signing up for Developing Innovative Ideas in New Companies on September 30th.

You can also choose to enroll in their signature track for low fees and obtain a physical, certified degree from the university that is offering the course. This gives your study credibility and is a great resume builder. If you pay you are also more likely to be committed to your course. I would pay for the courses that increase my value and boost my qualifications in my chosen field. Just a thought.

Challenge yourself to learn something new. If you are not learning, you are not growing!


Giving it away

So I have decided to price my classes at an OH so low price of US$15 per month much to the consternation of most other entrepreneurs. Why? Well I really had to determine what my vision was for my company and really it is to educate. To educate you need people to have access to what you are offering and access is often limited by cost. I intend for this site to continue to provide great resources free and at low cost to those who are really hungry to learn to advance to be successful. So as I evolve, my site too will evolve. Keep on supporting me I appreciate it!

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