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Assignment Assistance for Online Degree Programs


I now offer assignment and course paper reviews for students enrolled in Bachelor Degree Business and Entrepreneurship programs. Online students in particular struggle with finding assistance outside their online classroom. I am here to assist as an educator in the disciplines of Management and Entrepreneurship and a Doctoral Candidate in Technology Entrepreneurship.

I provide feedback via the review tool and voice notes if appropriate. I will not though write your paper for you. Cost per review is USD$25.00. To request an assignment review before you submit you can contact me at the email listed above or hit the contact link.

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CXC Classes Emailed to you. Self Paced Classes

self paced classes We offer CXC Classes in Digital Media, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management of Business.

Guess what! For those adult learners who are interested in doing CXC classes in IT, Management, and Entrepreneurship I am now offering a new self paced system that is hassle free. Your lessons are short and right to the point to match the syllabus and they are emailed to you. When you are finished with a lesson, a new one will be sent to you automatically.  You can begin learning at any time of the year including right NOW. Boost your marketability and progress in your career and self development. Your first payment includes a study guide that will be mailed directly to you.

  • Cost – EC $80/USD$29.99 per month. Study guides are available for an additional fee.
  • Pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal or cash if in St.Kitts
Register for Email classes here Registration Link

Virtual Tutoring for CXC CAPE

Virtual Tutoring for CXC. CA

Pay in two installments

Subjects and Units


Individual sessions USD$23 each

To pay for virtual tutoring packages by Western Union Contact Us

New Facebook Group for CXC CAPE Students

FacebookGreat news. I have a brand new Facebook Group for Students of CXC’s CAPE Management of Business, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. On our group page you will find:

  • SBA Tips
  • Videos on topics in the syllabus
  • Quizzes
  • Exam advice
  • Information on purchasing my study guides for MOB 1 or MOB 2 and IT 2 workbook. All books are $60 EC and include the shipping. Payments accepted online via debit or credit cards. Contact me to order. Or order directly from Amazon.
  • I also offer personal SBA assistance via Skype/Zoom at the cost of $150 EC/USD $56. Contact me for appointments and payment details.
  • I answer any subject specific questions and much more.

So do join the group and share with your friends. Here is the link

1000 Black Girl Books

Love this #1000BlackGirlBooks. A sixth grader is in a mission to collect 1000 books that feature black girls as the main character, and her mom is from the Caribbean. I do think that this is quite fabulous and I would challenge other parents to start a similar campaign with their children for topics that they wish to reinforce or celebrate. Perhaps 50 would be a great beginning goal. It is also a great idea for educators to consider as it encourages research, reading, and resourcefulness.

Students can also do a similar task to reinforce concepts being taught in class. Consider that you are doing a topic on video editing in digital media or on motivation in management of business class, if you research even three online media items about the topic you will be ahead of the class and deepen your understanding. The items could be articles, videos, podcasts. I know you want to excel and this is just one way. Learn more about 1000 Black Girl Books . Do follow the blog and share the post.


Business Model Canvas Fun

business model canvasThis was a fun week with my college entrepreneurship students. I taught the business model canvas, and so I had them create business model canvases in teams for the ventures that they have conceptualized.

This exercise is not just a fun exercise or teaching method but can surely aid every entrepreneur out there. I can tell you that as an educator it helps to view things on paper and constructing a huge business model canvas is a great help. I have my students use the post its to make notes and changes easily as it allows creativity without commitment and as any entrepreneurs knows one’s mind is constantly swirling.